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I’m Erin Alejandrino

Founder of The Fitbeard Personal Training, Vice President for TRULEAN Nutrition and an Instructor for mens personal development program The Project. I help people who can’t perform like they used to become the best MOFOs they can be.

After 20 years of coaching athletes, CEOs, moms, dads, and young men to break past their glass ceilings, I’ve discovered this ONE glass-shattering thing. The glass ceiling is your vices.

Vices that you shove “under-the-covers” that you don’t want anyone to know about. We all have them, but it doesn’t mean we have to be slaves to them. To break away from these shackles, you’ll need the master-key, which is your fitness.

I’ve built this website to share with you how you can build your own master-key to unlock your perfect life. My mission is to help you master these vices with injury-proof functional fitness.

I’ve got a question for you:

If You Were To Describe Your Perfect Life, What Would It Look Like?

Would it have the nice house, nice car, perfect partner, vacations, money in the bank, fulfilling work, and of course, the body of your dreams, right?

If this is what you want, and in case nobody has told you, you deserve all of that and more.

Right now, it may not feel like it, but you do.

I didn’t believe I did either, until I started living mine.

But, I did not start here.

In fact, I started about as far away from this dream life as you could imagine...

What got me out of the lowest points of my life wasn’t simply becoming part of the 5 AM Club, positive affirmations, reading motivational books, or listening to podcasts that force you to take a deep look within.

These things are great, but they’re flimsy like styrofoam in the storms that life throws at us.


These storms test our mental fortitude. These storms make it hard to fight off “The Quit” that makes you want to give up.

If you want to walk away from that “quit” feeling, look at it in the face and choke it out, you need to build a strong foundation.

That foundation is your fitness.

They Found Their Best Version


Without my fitness, I wouldn’t be doing the things I’ve dreamed of.


My fitness has helped me unlock the keys to happiness and fulfilment.

Your fitness is the foundation.

Your fitness is the reps and sets, doing hard shit, delaying gratification, discipline in my diet, mindset and exercise and always striving for more.

Without the foundation of fitness there is nothing.

Imagine that perfect life again…

The perfect house, car, partner, bank account…

But you experience it 100 pounds overweight, sore, sick and tired…

And losing the fight to the inner demons that prevent you from being an example to your kids.

Would it be worth it? Of course not.

That’s why we begin with fitness.

Your body is the vehicle for the life you want to live -- without it… nothing is possible.

That’s where we begin, that’s where we return to, and that is the gateway to the life of your dreams.

Ready to begin your injury-proof fitness journey?

Click the button below to take your first-step in build your own master-key to unlock your perfect life. My mission is to support you in your journey to becoming the best version of you.


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